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It's all about Clean Water.  Post your pictures of our events, water conservation, floods, pollution.  Share your memories about the Swatara....  Our projects and areas of interest include the Bordner Cabin, Eagle Scout Projects, PA Conservation Corps, Swatara State Park, Swatara River, Swatara Sojourn, Swatara Water Trail, Tenaska, Swatara Watershed Park, and Water Companies


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Bordner Cabin Donation

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I want to do my part to repair and maintain the Armar Bordner cabin in Swatara State Park.  Made of hand-hewn logs by the teacher and his students, perfectly placed beside Acrigg’s falls, and a lesson in eminent domain, the cabin is historically significant to the local area.  The Swatara Creek Watershed Association is in need of shingles, nails, plywood, cement, lumber, insurance, security, landscaping, interpretive signage…to perform the basics at the cabin, which will be open to the public after completion.  To help with this local interpretive history project, Enclosed please find my contribution of $______________.

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The Swatara Creek Watershed Association is a 501C3 nonprofit organization.  Therefore, donations may be tax deductible.  A receipt will be mailed to you.

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Mail to SCWA, 2302 Guilford St., Lebanon PA  17046 or use the PayPal donate button at the top of the page.