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It's all about Clean Water.  Post your pictures of our events, water conservation, floods, pollution.  Share your memories about the Swatara....  Our projects and areas of interest include the Bordner Cabin, Eagle Scout Projects, PA Conservation Corps, Swatara State Park, Swatara River, Swatara Sojourn, Swatara Water Trail, Tenaska, Swatara Watershed Park, and Water Companies


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13th Annual Canoe Sojourn

NOTE: Click on any photo to see the full-sized version.

SundayCrew.jpg (51542 bytes)

Most of Day two's Crew

WaterTrail.jpg (32201 bytes)

Swatara Water Trail Dedication with Jonestown Mayor George Kauffman


BlueRock.jpg (179282 bytes)

Blue Rock

Sponsors.jpg (32156 bytes)

SCWA couldn't coordinate such an awesome event without all of our loyal supporters.  THANK YOU!

Strainer.jpg (188044 bytes)

From Route 645 in Pine Grove to Swope's Valley Road on the north end of the Swatara State Park, we encountered three strainers where trees completed crossed the Swatara...

Portage.jpg (200402 bytes)

...often resulting in portaging of canoes around the obstacles.

BillFriese.jpg (8440 bytes)

Special thanks to Bill Friese & his staff of Park Rangers for helping to unload about 4 tons of trash from our canoes.

Father / Son Team.

MikePavelek.jpg (11972 bytes)Mike Pavelek presented oodles of information on the Horse Shoe Trail.  He even autographed his books.

Jean.jpg (9749 bytes)

Before the end of the trip we all got to know Jean who also presented DCNR's public participation process for development of Swatara State Park.

Rearranging.jpg (23001 bytes)

Arranging collected debris.

Philadelphia.jpg (29787 bytes)

Welcome Philadelphia!

TomJack.jpg (24525 bytes)

Tom and Jack provided shuttle and shore support to post banners at exit points and make sure we had plenty of good food to eat.

Troop17.jpg (25681 bytes)

A safety briefing is held each day.  Scout Troop 17 from Schaefferstown  listens intently.



Starting.jpg (25373 bytes)

Plenty of help to get started.

Walking.jpg (24512 bytes)

Low water through Swatara State Park caused canoeists to "walk their canoes" numerous times.  Taken from the Appalachian Trail bridge.

Portaging.jpg (16955 bytes)

Get ready to portage.

  Helping.jpg (23403 bytes)

It was down right neighborly the way everyone pitched in when someone needed help. 


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