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16th Annual Swatara Sojourn

May 1-2, 2004

A special thank you to National River Cleanup Week - Take Pride In America sponsors, who provided the litter bags.

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What a fabulous weekend.  SCWA thoroughly enjoyed your company.  I never saw so many people fight over trash.  In addition to 31 tires, Mr. Taylor estimates we took 3.5 tons of trash from the Swattie.  We deposited a bunch of trash at Bindnagle's Church, Boat House Road Park, Hershey High Meadow Campground, the Middletown dam portage, and at the PA Fish and Boat Commission launch.

You are to be commended for all of your efforts--whether picking up trash or helping another canoeist after a dunking or to portage.  If everyone daily practiced the courtesy and kindness you exhibited this weekend, this world would be an even better place.

Hi Jo-Ellen.........I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that my friend Tom and I had a great time on the Swattie with you guys......we picked up 5 tires, numerous cans, bottles, plastic, and even the front of an ATV!.......I belong to the Quittapahilla Audubon Society and we do many flora & fauna walks in Swatara State Park, so it felt good to do anything to help in the Swatara Creek Watershed.  I am going to join the Swatara Creek Watershed Association!......but back to the trip for a did a great job as leader (very organized!) and I felt very safe on the water with the experienced people in the group!......looking forward to getting to know you better and do this sojour again next year!.......Art
Thank you for your participation, and your kind words.  We work together as a team, and without everyone pulling together, Jack with the trash trailer and food; Tom with the shuttle vehicle; Mary Louise, Bobbi, Ray, Laurie, Nadine, and Dennis helping with registration and as needed; Bob arranging the Hershey Dam portage and cooking Saturday night dinner; ..., it would be like a body without an arm or a leg.  It takes a team of people to execute a weekend of this magnitude, and the Swatara Creek Watershed Association is blessed with a team of dedicated volunteers, each as important as the next in bringing you this backyard adventure.  See you next year.


Jo Ellen,
Just wanted to say Thanks! for the great weekend we had. (And we made it home and got everything unpacked just before the rains and wind hit.) Of course, you, as the Sojourn director, have no control over the weather or other unexpected things, but you  - and your helpers - do deserve a big pat on the back for the wonderful organization of the
whole enterprise. I thought all your planning was fantastic. Two of the minor highlights of the weekend's trip - minor, in relation to the main event on the water - were the visit and briefing at Bidnagle's Church and the briefing on the Union Canal yesterday evening. Both were very interesting! We had a great time.

Thank you!

The Hoffmans (Chris, Ann, Natalie, and Emerson)

Dear Jo Ellen,
Thank you for your leadership. I  had a great time, and was really impressed with the organization, kindness and commitment of all involved.
I look forward to reading the numbers related to the trash removal.
I agree with you on the kindness practice; it is not that difficult or time consuming to help others.  People invest more time and energy in complaining and/or  criticizing some days than they do contributing to making the world better and finding solutions to problems.
I hope you have a delightful day!


I just got off the phone with Tom Clarke from Derry Township, and he graciously agreed to remove the collected trash from Boat House Road Park.  Since Tom is the recycling coordinator for Derry Township, rest assured that he will put everything in its proper place, including the hot water heat Don Mock pulled in.  Thank you Tom & thank you Derry Township!
I also stopped with Brian Kettering this morning, and his firm accepted the 31 tires pulled from the Swattie.  He will also see that the tires are recycled.

What did you think of the fish ladder that PA American Water Company is installing?  Pretty neat, huh?

Did you see the TMI towers at the end of the trip?

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