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Swatara--A River of Life

Sponsor Sheet - Swatara Sojourn 2011

It’s that time of year when we start planning for another successful sojourn, and the four best words that we can hear are, “How can I help?”.  For newcomers, a sojourn is an overnight canoe and camping experience where we both educate our citizens on the value of our shared resource we loving call the Swattie and leave the waterway better than we found it.  After all, the Swattie is a source of drinking water for our community.  Without the generosity and support of our business community, the Swatara Watershed Association could not afford to complete the sojourn and litter cleanup.  Your services are truly appreciated!

If you are willing to help sponsor the 2011 Swatara Sojourn on May 7 & 8, 2011, please let us.   “Swatara--A River of Life” is the theme for the 2011 Sojourn.  We will start at Route 645 south of Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, paddle through Swatara State Park, and on the second day end at Swatara Watershed Park in East Hanover Township, Lebanon County.  As a sponsor, your name will be included on all correspondence associated with the Swatara Sojourn—registrations, news releases…, on the SWA web site, displayed on a banner during the sojourn….  No matter the size of your company, we welcome all levels of assistance.  To be included on all print materials, please respond by January 21, 2011.  Suggestions for sponsorship follow:

__  Cash donation.   $________________Amount

__  Help with registration   __ Saturday and/or __ Sunday.

__  Man a safety canoe.                            __ Publicity

Accept __ tires or __ municipal waste no charge.

__  Provide 100 beverages.  _________Type

__  Provide shuttle transportation.              __  Other

__  Provide printing of 2500 registrations at no charge.

__  Provide 125 souvenirs for participants.__________Type

__  Provide access to the Swatara Creek.  ________Location

__  Sponsor a meal.  __ breakfast, __ lunch, or __ dinner. 

Again, thank you for your consideration of support!

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We reserve the right to decline services that do not align with our mission.