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Bordner Cabin Volunteer Time Donations:

*Please advise if someone was missed or the times listed are inaccurate.

Getting the job done--Running Total:  752.5 Hours & 54 Volunteers

Earth Day April 21, 2007.  Thanks to Chris, Charlotte and Chuck, Cindy, 2 x Denise, Ella, Evelyn, Jo Ellen, Natalie and Spencer, two picnic tables were installed; pot holes filled; sweeping; bird houses; and closet doors completed.  Since I forgot my tablet, let me know who was missed, and your name will be added.  Nice job team.

October was graffiti removal month.  For approximately thirty combined hours, Greta & Jim Rank, Jessie Evans, Ben Schriver, Shelly Via (blue shirt), and Lyz Via (red shirt) all worked very hard with a combination of chemicals, sand paper, and sand blasting to remove the ugly mess.  Nice job!

For approximately 20 hours, Jo Ellen, Dave Ravegum, Don Mock, and Doug Ramsey spent afternoons completing repairs or whittling rails for the balcony.  Outside, Richard Light, Art Schiavo, Laurel & Christopher Black, and Bill Brandt have been removing invasive species like tree of heaven.  A landscape plan was submitted to reintroduce native species.  Their team must have spent 90 hours on this project.
  Saturday, 9/23/2006  Chuck, Denise, Jo Ellen, Sharon & Susie spent this day installing and staining floor boards, hanging pictures, applying preventive bug treatment, and installing a temporary banister on the end of the porch.  Pre-cut lumber and pre-mounted picture time is included in the day's total.  26

Monday, 9/18/2006 Purchase materials, install fiberglass screening on seven higher windows across front of building, remove floor vent duct work, and measure for floor boards.  Four visitors stopped by, two who just moved back to Lebanon.  6

Friday, 9/15/06 Graffiti removal by Greta Rank, Jessie Evans who is on the left, and on the right is HACC student Lyzabeth Via. 9


Monday, 9/11/06 The roof is Done!  508.5 hours later, WE did it.  Congratulations!  What a great day.  By noon, the cap was on the peak and all overhanging shingles were trimmed.  The Conservation Corps crew that helped on the north side will be missed.  We celebrated the "peak of our success" with chocolate cake and hi-fives.  There is one more trailer load of debris consisting of particle board, foam, and shingles.  Feel free to help and  "police" the area for small debris--nails, foam....  Next, we'll work on closing the old air vents in the floors with tongue and groove boards and placing guards across windows.  If you weren't a "roof person" but can help with the floor or guards, contact swatara@mbcomp.com . 32.5

Friday, 9/8/06  Almost done.  The Conservation Corps is cutting the caps from left over shingles, and we will finish capping the peak as well as pickup remaining debris on Monday. 38

Thursday, 9/7/06  Tails of the pet snake in the rafters was true.  He was released into the ferns to return to his favorite hiding spot when we're done.  We also tore off the remaining shingles, repaired some minor areas that were rotted, rolled out the felt paper, installed drip edge, and loaded the trailer with debris. 38 hours

Saturday, 9/2/06 For three hours, Marta Trainer and Jo Ellen blazed a trail through fallen branches on Old State Road to get to the cabin where we posted "no smoking" signs inside the cabin, pulled weeds, swept up, and hitched the filled trailer to take to the landfill first thing Tuesday morning.  We also got to inspect for leaks.  Good news.  There were no leaks on either the south side or the northeast corner.  To be expected, on the north side, one drip ran down the wall where the new and old shingles met and are covered with a tarp.  NICE JOB EVERYONE!  Pat yourselves on the back until I see you again.  PS: The falls were beautiful.

Friday, 9/1/06  Tom, Billy, Robert & Nate got three hours in prior to Ernesto's rain starting.  They were able to finish shingling the east side of the chimney and apply sealer around the chimney on the north side.  They also loaded the trailer with shingle debris.

Thursday, 8/31/06: We have such a dedicated crew.  Today, the four PA Conservation Corps members (Billy, Robert, Nate, Brian) and Tom, the crew leader, each worked 7 hours.  Steve, the PCC regional director, was on site for a while too.  In addition, Jim and Denise worked all day.  This is the first work day that I missed, so I didn't get any pictures.  There may be rain tomorrow.  

Wednesday 8/30/06:  Ann, Bob Arnold, Carol, Denise, John, June, Stephanie each put in two hours cleaning up debris inside the cabin.  Bob Evanchalk, Jim, Tom, Billy, Robert, Nate, Brian, and Jo Ellen each put in 6 hours for a total of 64 hours.  More rotten would was removed and tongue and groove nailed fast.  Around the chimnney, OSB board and felt were also installed on the north east half of the roof.

Monday 8/28/06 9AM-3PM = 54 Allan Aungst, Jim Parker, Jo Ellen Litz, Steve Fegley, Tom Killiam and four young men from the PA Conservation Corps--Billy Keefer, Robert Parker, Nate Salvadore, and Brian Wolfe--worked together to remove shingles, tar paper, nails, and rotted wood on the northeast corner of the roof.  New tongue and groove was installed over the kitchen.

Saturday's Crew (8/19/06) 8 AM-3:00 PM--Bob 6, Denise 7, Dick 6, Jim 6, Jo Ellen 5 (picked up another load of shingles from ELK), Marta 7, Mike 6, Sharon 6, Spencer 4, Susie 6 = 65.

We beat the rain, and thanks to a dedicated crew, the south side is completely shingled.  Some shingles still need trimmed, but what progress!  Your guys rock!  Thank you.  Monday, I meet with the PA Conservation Corps.  They will donate one day of work.  We'll see if the teens will remove the old shingles on the north side, and cover it with felt.  If they do, we can shingle the north side in a day--if we have fantastic volunteers like we did today.  Jo Ellen

Thursday's Crew (8/17/06)--Jo Ellen took trash to GLRA = 1

Monday’s crew (8/14/2005): Bob Arnold—return generator = 1

Saturday’s crew: (8/12/06) 8AM-6PM—Complete stripping rows of tarpaper and nails from south roof, finish installation of OSB Board on south roof, replace tongue and groove boards in ceiling, and place felt paper over entire south roof, which makes the roof relatively water tight.

Bob Arnold 8,  Denise Domoyer 6, Jessica Fulk 6, Spencer Grogan 8, Jo Ellen Litz 11 (PU shingles prior to start time), Britny Miller 9, Stephanie Butler 8, Jim Packer 8, Fred Rogers 9, John Slotterback 9, Charles Wertz 8 = 90

Friday’s crew: 8AM-4PM (8/11/2006)—Strip rows of tarpaper and nails from south roof.  Begin installation of OSB Board

Denise Donmoyer 6, Tom Embich 8, Spencer Grogan 8, Stephanie Harmon 6, Jo Ellen Litz 10, Stephanie Butler 8, Terry 2 = 48

Thursday’s crew:  Noon-6:30PM (8/10/2006) Picked up shingles, supplies and equipment: 

Bob Arnold 2, Walt Haber 6.5, Jo Ellen Litz 6.5 = 15

For safety, minimum crews of two are welcome to shingle during the week.